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STATUARIO VENATO Polished 30x60 Rect - SAINT LAURENT Listello Polished 2x30 - SAINT LAURENT Tozzetto Polished 3x3 Scene 1

Bari Marble Stones

BARI MARBLE STONES is available in 6 colors: Statuario Venato, Calacatta Oro, Marfil, Dark Emperador, Saint Laurent and Graphite.
(Size and finish availability vary depending on color and decor)
Available Sizes: 48″x94″ Rectified48″x48″ Rectified30″x60″ Rectified30″x30″ Rectified24″x48″ Rectified24″x24″ Rectified and 12″x24″ Rectified.
Thickness: 10mm.
Available Finish: Honed and Polished.
Available Decors: Mosaic FMosaic L, Hexagon Mosaic, Ottagono, Inserto, Listello and Tozzetto.
Special Pieces: Bullnose, Step Tread, Step Tread Corner, Zoccolo, Zoccolo Corner, London, London Corner, Spigolo, Spigolo Corner, Sigaro, Sigaro Corner, Matita and Matita Corner.

See available Inventory below, not all sizes and colors are in stock, Contact a CTL representative for further information.


Bari Marble Stones Brochure

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Availability: See product page for availability
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Color Availability.

Honed Finish.

Statuario Venato Honed 24x24 Rect

Statuario Venato Honed

Calacatta Oro Honed 24x24 Rect

Calacatta Oro Honed

Marfil Honed 24x24 Rect

Marfil Honed

Dark Emperador Honed 24x24 Rect

Dark Emperador Honed

Saint Laurent Honed 24x24 Rect

Saint Laurent Honed

Graphite Honed 24x24 Rect

Graphite Honed

Polished Finish.

Statuario Venato Polished 24x24 Rect

Statuario Venato Polished

Calacatta Oro Polished 24x24 Rect

Calacatta Oro Polished

Marfil Polished 24x24 Rectified

Marfil Polished

Dark Emperador Polished 24x24 Rect

Dark Emperador Polished

Saint Laurent Polished 24x24 Rect

Saint Laurent Polished

Graphite Polished 24x24 Rect

Graphite Polished


Mosaic F 12”x12”

Statuario Venato Mosaic F Polished 12x12

Statuario Venato Mosaic F

Calacatta Oro Mosaic F Polished 12x12

Calacatta Oro Mosaic F

Marfil Mosaic F Polished 12x12

Marfil Mosaic F

Dark Emperador Mosaic F Polished 12x12

Dark Emperador Mosaic F

Saint Laurent Mosaic F Polished 12x12

Saint Laurent Mosaic F

Graphite Mosaic F Polished 12x12

Graphite Mosaic F

Mosaic L 12”x12”

Statuario Venato Mosaic L Polished 12x12

Statuario Venato Mosaic L

Calacatta Oro Mosaic L Polished 12x12

Calacatta Oro Mosaic L

Marfil Mosaic L Polished 12x12

Marfil Mosaic L

Dark Emperador Mosaic L Polished 12x12

Dark Emperador Mosaic L

Saint Laurent Mosaic L Polished 12x12

Saint Laurent Mosaic L

Graphite Mosaic L Polished 12x12

Graphite Mosaic L

Hexagon Mosaic 12”x13”

Statuario Venato Hexagon Mosaic Polished 12x13

Statuario Venato Hexagon Mosaic

Calacatta Oro Hexagon Mosaic Polished 12x13

Calacatta Oro Hexagon Mosaic

Marfil Hexagon Mosaic Polished 12x13

Marfil Hexagon Mosaic

Dark Emperador Hexagon Mosaic Polished 12x13

Dark Emperador Hexagon Mosaic

Saint Laurent Hexagon Mosaic Polished 12x13

Saint Laurent Hexagon Mosaic

Graphite Hexagon Mosaic Polished 12x13

Graphite Hexagon Mosaic

Ottagono 24”x24”

Statuario Venato Ottagono Polished 24x24

Statuario Venato Ottagono

Calacatta Oro Ottagono Polished 24x24

Calacatta Oro Ottagono

Marfil Ottagono Polished 24x24

Marfil Ottagono

Dark Emperador Ottagono Polished 24x24

Dark Emperador Ottagono

Saint Laurent Ottagono Polished 24x24

Saint Laurent Ottagono

Graphite Ottagono Polished 24x24

Graphite Ottagono

Inserto 24”x24”

Statuario Venato Inserto Polished 24x24

Statuario Venato Inserto

Calacatta Oro Inserto Polished 24x24

Calacatta Oro Inserto

Marfil Inserto Polished 24x24

Marfil HexagonInserto

Dark Emperador Inserto Polished 24x24

Dark Emperador Inserto

Saint Laurent Inserto Polished 24x24

Saint Laurent Inserto

Graphite Inserto Polished 24x24

Graphite Inserto

Matching with 3″x3″ Tozzetto.

Listello 3”x24” and 2″x30″

Statuario Venato Listello Polished 3x24

Statuario Venato Listello

Calacatta Oro Listello Polished 3x24

Calacatta Oro Listello

Marfil Listello Polished 3x24

Marfil Listello

Dark Emperador Listello Polished 3x24

Dark Emperador Listello

Saint Laurent Listello Polished 3x24

Saint Laurent Listello

Graphite Listello Polished 3x24

Graphite Hexagon Listello

Tozzetto 3”x3”

Statuario Venato Tozzetto Polished 3x3

Statuario Venato Tozzetto

Calacatta Oro Tozzetto Polished 3x3

Calacatta Oro Tozzetto

Marfil Tozzetto Polished 3x3

Marfil Tozzetto

Dark Emperado Tozzetto Polished 3x3

Dark Emperador Tozzetto

Saint Laurent Tozzetto Polished 3x3

Saint Laurent Tozzetto

Graphite Tozzetto Polished 3x3

Graphite Tozzetto

Product photography and samples are to be used as a general guide. Color as well as percentage, size and shape of markings will vary. Sizes are nominal, not actual.

Size Availability

48″x94″ Rectified

48″x48″ Rectified

30″x60″ Rectified

30″x30″ Rectified

24″x48″ Rectified

24″x24″ Rectified

12″x24″ Rectified

48”x94” Rectified9mmPolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro
48”x48” Rectified9mmPolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro
30”x60” Rectified10mmPolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Graphite
30”x30” Rectified10mmHonedStatuario Venato
PolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Graphite
24”x48” Rectified10mmHoned/PolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Graphite
24”x24” Rectified10mmHoned/PolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Saint Laurent/Graphite
12”x24” Rectified10mmHoned/PolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Saint Laurent/GraphiteCalacatta Oro


Mosaic F 12”x12”10mmPolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Saint Laurent/Graphite
Mosaic L 12”x12”10mmPolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Saint Laurent/Graphite
Hexagon Mosaic 12”x13”10mmPolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Saint Laurent/Graphite
Ottagono 24”x24”10mmPolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Saint Laurent/Graphite
Inserto 24”x24”10mmPolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Saint Laurent/Graphite
Listello 2”x24”10mmPolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Saint Laurent/Graphite
Listello 2”x30”10mmPolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Saint Laurent/Graphite
Tozzetto 3”x3”10mmPolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Saint Laurent/Graphite

Special Pieces


Bullnose WHITE

Step Tread

Step Tread WHITE

Step Tread Corner

Step Tread Corner WHITE

Special Pieces not pictured are listed below.

Bullnose3”x24” Rectified10mmHoned/PolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
Step Tread13”x30” Rectified10mmHonedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro
PolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
13”x24” Rectified10mmHoned/PolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
Step Tread Corner13”x13” Rectified10mmHoned/PolishedStatuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
Zoccolo6”x12”10mm-Statuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
Zoccolo Corner1”x6”10mm-Statuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
London2”x12”10mm-Statuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
London Corner0.5”x12”10mm-Statuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
Spigolo0.5”x12”10mm-Statuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
Spigolo Corner0.5”x1”10mm-Statuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
Sigaro1”x12”10mm-Statuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
Sigaro Corner1”x1”10mm-Statuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
Matita0.5”x12”10mm-Statuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite
Matita Corner0.5”x1”10mm-Statuario Venato/Calacatta Oro/Marfil/Dark Emperador/Graphite


Honed (10mm)Polished (10mm)
D.C.O.F.ANSI 137.1:2012≥ 0.42 Wet≥ 0.42 Wet-
Water AbsorptionISO 10545-3≤ 0.5%≤ 0.1%≤ 0.1%
Resistance to StainsISO 10545-14Min. Class 3CompliantCompliant
Breaking StrengthISO 10545-4R ≥ 35N/mm^2R ≥ 47N/mm^2R ≥ 47N/mm^2

Floor Tile, Wall Tile


Domestic Inventory


Calacatta Oro, Dark Emperador, Graphite, Marfil, Saint Laurent, Statuario Venato

Tile Size

Bullnose 3″x24″ Rectified, 12″x24″ Rectified, 24″x24″ Rectified, 24″x48″ Rectified, 30”x30” Rectified, 30”x60” Rectified


Honed, Polished




Mosaic, Linear Mosaic, Decos, Shapes, Hexagon


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