With BDNY going virtual this year, Ceramic Technics jumped at the opportunity to sit down with Cristi Moore, Hospitality Design Director  at Gensler Atlanta, to get a designer’s perspective on BDNY and navigating the virtual workplace. Though she joined Gensler five years ago, she has 22 years of experience in commercial design. A former Accounting major, Moore took the leap into Hospitality Interiors after she built her own home and discovered that her true passion was for Interior Design. At that time, she explains that design was much more traditional and focused simply on what was beautiful and reflected the flavor and theme of the project. Now, she says, “design is more intuitive and represents a journey with the client.” Vision sessions and creating a strong story are important aspects of the process, ensuring there is a reason behind each design decision made. She describes the current environment as a “cross-pollination” of industries, meaning that more designers have a wider variety of experience in different sectors, and they collaborate outside of their area of specialty. “Hospitality is infusing every other sector, whether it’s an office space or lounge spaces within healthcare”.


 “Hospitality is infusing every other sector, whether it’s an office space or lounge spaces within healthcare”.


Signia by Hilton – Gensler Atlanta


Signia by Hilton is an exciting new project for Moore and the Gensler team. Although it has not broken ground,  already more than 100 Gensler employees spanning 6 offices have worked in collaboration on the project. She describes the new 900 key hotel as “a distinctly Atlanta experience, capturing the soul and spirit of Atlanta throughout the built environment”. Signia stands alone, a beacon, encouraging the convention industry to “Pivot South” and consider Atlanta a destination.

Gensler strives to send as many team members as possible to BDNY, the trade show that Cristi Moore describes as “inspiration overload”. She explains that BDNY serves many purposes to the design community. The ability to see and touch new products is invaluable, but equally important are the networking and relationship building with design peers, vendors, and clients that occurs on those busy days and nights in New York.  “Being there, being present equates to being in the know and on the pulse of what’s trending in design.” She ends with what could have been the BDNY tagline. “BDNY expands perspective, elevates perceptions, and influences growth.”


“BDNY expands perspective, elevates perceptions, and influences growth.”


Moore acknowledges that conveying that same creativity virtually presents a challenge. Her team has risen to the occasion by expanding their descriptive language skills to communicate verbally what once would have included a tactile and visual collaboration. Virtual client presentations provide more illustrative language, compelling imagery, and a foolproof labeling and packaging system to ensure a high quality experience without in person interaction.

Ceramic Technics has made the decision to work on a digital platform as well without compromising on quality.



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