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JP2 Architects Office Space – Baltimore, Maryland

JP2 Architects Office Space – Baltimore, Maryland

JP2 Architects have just built their brand-new, state of the art, office in Baltimore, Maryland. The office is set to become fully operational on June 20th, 2016.

The new building features an open concept first floor plan with overlooking mezzanine and new side windows. Large storefront windows fill the space with light, and newly installed Solatubes help disperse the natural daylight from the roof. The building is aiming to achieve LEED Gold status using the Solatubes and through efficient lighting, plumbing, mechanical fixtures.” [Insert from: JP2 Architects Website]

Ceramic Technics Ltd. has worked together with JP2 to achieve their goal of  creating a jaw-dropping office space and achieving LEED Gold Status. Ceramic Technics’ tiles are installed throughout the office, from the entrance to the bathrooms.

4Restroom Wall - Palermi Limestone Grigio + Palermo Limestone 3D Grigio DesignBathroom Wall: Palermo Limestone 3D – Grigio DesignPalermo Limestone – Grigio

1Entry Feature - Palermo Limestone 3D Grigio Muretto2

Entry Feature: Palermo Limestone 3D – Grigio Muretto

2Restroom Wall - Palermo Limestone 3D Grigio Muretto2

Bathroom Wall: Palermo Limestone 3D – Grigio Design

3Restroom Floor - Palermo Loft Wood Acacia2

Bathroom Floor: Palermo Loft Wood – Acacia

5Kitchen Sink - Fusion Concrete 2D Subway2

Kitchen Sink: Fusion Concrete Forms – 2D Subway

Check out JP2 Architects website and social media to see more of their new office space! | Facebook | Twitter 


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