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December 2016 Product of the Month | Vicenza Design

December 2016 Product of the Month | Vicenza Design

December 2016 Product of the Month | Vicenza Design

With an amazing surface texture and 12 current offerings.. this exciting new porcelain line is a must have..

Vicenza Design | floor-bianco-natural-24x48-wall-bianco-line-natural-24x4812x486x48-blu-line-natural-24x4812x486x48-cromato-listello-varnish-1_375x48-scene-2Vicenza Design was developed according to a technological and formal innovation matrix. The result is a range of products with a unique design, which sets itself apart from the various imitations of natural materials available on the market. Its originality lies in the great versatility of the system, which combines ceramic tiles with décors inspired by streamline cars.

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pininfarina-tiles_2Vicenza Design is available in 12 different color offerings, including: Bianco, Brunello, Blu, Metalred, 4 shades of Grigio and 4 shades of Tortora. This line also gives you a chance to add a steel Pininfarina logo to any size of this collection. Size availability includes: 24″x48″, 12″x48″, 6″x48″, 24″x24″ and 12″x24″. You can also find several unique decors that beautifully compliment the field tiles of this collection.



One of the features that that truly makes Vicenza Design unique is the surface texture. The porcelain stoneware tiles, manufactured at the highest quality standards, have an exclusive and sophisticated texture. This texture creates a strong multisensory effect. The result is warm and cosy to the eye, whereas to the touch, it provides an innovative three-dimensionality.



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