February 2017 Product of the Month | Stoneware Artistic Design Elements

“In line with the very latest trends, Stoneware Artistic Design Elements provides a sophisticated graphic pattern system for any setting.”

Stoneware Artistic Design Elements is a porcelain stoneware collection with a decorative graphic pattern available in two color schemes.

This graphic pattern, Deco 8″x8″, offers several different graphics patterns, including: Chevron, Diagonals and Diamonds. You are given two different color options, light and dark.

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Stoneware Artistic Elements.

Stoneware Artistic Elements is a corresponding floor and wall tile collection that can be used in collaboration with this decorative piece, but also has much offer itself.

This porcelain line is available in five color options: Light, Sand, Nut, Grey and Dark. Size offerings include: 30″x30″, 24″x24″, 12″x24″, 8″x8″ and 3″x12″. Finishes. Finishes give this line extra versatility. You have to option of a two Matte finishes, a Satin finish and a Outdoor R11 finish. Visit the Stoneware Artistic Elements webpage to see the availability offered for all these size and finish options.