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Vicenza Stone Basalt

VICENZA STONE BASALT is available in 6 colors: White, Light Grey, Cream, Brown, Dark Grey and Black.
Available Sizes: 24″x48″, 18″x36″ Rectified, 24″x24″ Rectified, 12″x24″ Rectified, and 12″x12″ Rectified.
Available Thickness: 10mm and 9mm.
Available Finishes: Natural R10 and Lappato.
Available Decors: MosaicsComposition B and Decor A/B/C/D.
Available Special Pieces: BullnoseStep TreadListelloGlued Piece and Inserto.

Vicenza Stone Basalt Brochure

Availability: See product page for availability
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Color Availability.


Light Grey



Dark Grey


Product photography and samples are to be used as a general guide. Color as well as percentage, size and shape of markings will vary. Sizes are nominal, not actual.

Size Availability

24″x48″ Rectified

18″x36″ Rectified

24″x24″ Rectified

12″x24″ Rectified

12″x12″ Rectified

24”x48” Rectified10mmNatural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
18”x36” Rectified10mmNatural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
24”x24” Rectified10mmNatural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
12”x24” Rectified10mm/9mmNatural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
12”x12” Rectified9mmNatural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black


Mosaic 12”x12” (2.4”x2.4” Pcs)

Available in all colors

Mosaic 12”x12” (1.125”x1.125” Pcs)

Available in all colors

Décor A 12”x12” (1”x3” Pcs)

Available in all colors

Décor B 12”x12” (3”x6” Pcs)

Available in all colors

Composition B 12”x24”

Available in all colors

Décor C 12”x24” (0.625”x24” Pcs)

Available in all colors

Décor D 12”x24” (3”x24” pcs)

Available in all colors


Mosaic 12”x12” (2.4”x2.4” Pcs)*-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Mosaic 12”x12” (1.125”x1.125” Pcs)*-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Composition B 12”x24”*-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Décor A 12”x12” (1”x3” Pcs)-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Décor B 12”x12” (3”x6” Pcs)-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Décor C 12”x24” (0.625”x24” Pcs)-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Décor D 12”x24” (3”x24” pcs)-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black

*On net

Special Pieces


Step Tread


Glued Piece


Bullnose3.5”x12”-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Bullnose3.5”x18”-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Bullnose3.5”x24”-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Step Tread12”x12”-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Step Tread18”x18”-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Step Tread12”x24”-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Listello3.5”x12”-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Listello3.5”x18”-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Glued Piece6”x12”x2”-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black
Insert3.5”x3.5”-Natural/LappatoWhite/Light Grey/Cream/Brown/Dark Grey/Black


Natural R10
Product classificationUNI EN 14411-G ISO 13006Group B1a fully vitrified
Dimensional and surface qualityUNI EN ISO 10545-2 Very low tolerance
Water absorptionUNI EN ISO 10545-3< 0.1%
Flexural strengthUNI EN ISO 10545-445 N/mm^2
Frost resistanceAll standardsGuaranteed
Resistance to acids and alkalis (with the exception of hydrofluoric acid)UNI EN ISO 10545-13No damage
Wear and abrasion resistanceUNI EN ISO 10545-6≤ 150 mm^3
Linear thermal expansionUNI EN ISO 10545-86 x 10^-6
Stain resistanceUNI EN ISO 10545-14Guaranteed
Slip resistanceDIN 51130R10 A+B
Slip resistanceD.M. N° 236 del 14.06.89 Metodo B.C.R.Valore µ > 0,40*
Slip resistanceBS7976-2:2002 BSEN13036-4:2011PTV > 36**
Slip resistanceD.C.O.F. ANSI A 137.1-2012 (Section 9.6)0.62 Wet
Colour resistance to sunlight exposureDIN 51094No change of colors

Porcelain Stoneware
Shade Variation V2 (Medium)


Black, Brown, Cream, Dark Grey, Light Grey, White

Tile Size

Composition B 12”x24”, Insert 3.5″x3.5″, Glued Piece 6”x12”x2”, Listello 3.5″x18″, Listello 3.5″x12″, Step Tread 18″x18″, Step Tread 12″x12″, Bullnose 3.5″x12″, Décor D 12”x24” (3”x24” pcs), Décor C 12”x24” (0.625”x24” Pcs), Décor B 12”x12” (3”x6” Pcs), Décor A 12”x12” (1”x3” Pcs), Mosaic 12″x12″ (2.4″x2.4″ Pcs.), Bullnose 3.5″x18″, Step Tread 12″x24″, Bullnose 3.5″x24″, Mosaic 12″x12″ (1.125″x1.125″ Pieces), 12”x24” Rectified – 9mm, 12”x24” Rectified – 10mm, 12″x12″ Rectified, 18″x36″ Rectified, 24”x48” Rectified, 24”x24” Rectified


Natural, Lappato


9mm, 10mm


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