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Studio Elements Stainless Blend Mosaics

STUDIO ELEMENTS STAINLESS BLEND MOSAICS is available in 8 colors: Woodland Park, Sea Coast, Fossil RockDeep GrottoNature TrailNordic StormArctic Night and Twilight Mist.
Available Size: 12″x12″ Sheet.

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Studio Elements Stainless Blend Mosaics.

12″x12″ Sheet

Woodland Park

Sea Coast

Fossil Rock

Deep Grotto

Nature Trail

Nordic Storm

Arctic Night

Twilight Mist


Woodland Park 12"×12" Mosaic34.28101036360
Sea Coast 12"×12" Mosaic34.69101036360
Fossil Rock 12"×12" Mosaic34.58101036360
Deep Grotto 12"×12" Mosaic34.72101036360
Nature Trail 12"×12" Mosaic34.33101036360
Nordic Storm 12"×12" Mosaic36.58101036360
Arctic Night 12"×12" Mosaic35.00101036360
Twilight Mist 12"×12" Mosaic34.44101036360

Arctic Night, Deep Grotto, Fossil Rock, Nature Trail, Nordic Storm, Sea Coast, Twilight Mist, Woodland Park


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