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Sienna Stone Formation

SIENNA STONE FORMATION is available in 4 colors: WhiteSandLight Grey and Dark Grey.
Available Sizes: 24″x48″ Rectified, Backface 24″x48″, 12″x24″ Rectified, Backface 12″x24″ Rectified, Bands 3″x24″ Rectified and Brick 5″x10″.
Available Thickness: 10mm and 9mm.
Available Finish: Natural and Lappato.
Available Decors: 3D Mesh Mosaic and Domino Mosaic.
Available Special Pieces: BullnoseStair TreadStepCorner Tile DX/SX, Cove BaseCove Base Interior Corner and Cove Base Exterior Corner.

Available Wall Tile Sizes: Chiselled 12″x24″ RectifiedTriple 12″x24″ Rectified and Brick Medley 2″x10″.
Available Thickness: 10mm and 9mm.
Available Finish: Bush-HammeredTriple Surfaces and Medley Surfaces.

Sienna Stone Formation Brochure

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Color Availability.

White Natural

Sand Natural

Light Grey Natural

Dark Grey Natural


Only available in 24″x48″ Rectified and 12″x24″ Rectified, in a Backface Natural finish.

White Backface

Sand Backface

Light Grey Backface

Dark Grey Backface

**The Backface structure has the long grooves produced by the calibrating roller on the underside of the stone; these geometrical marks provide an elegant, tasteful form of decoration.


3″x24″ Rectified, Natural finish.

White Bands

Sand Bands

Light Grey Bands

Dark Grey Bands


5″x10″, Brick Natural finish.

White Brick

Sand Brick

Light Grey Brick

Dark Grey Brick

The Brick Natural finish differs from the Natural finish of the field tiles.

Wall Tiles.


12″x24″ Rectified, Bush-Hammered finish.

White Chiselled

Sand Chiselled

Light Grey Chiselled

Dark Grey Chiselled


8″x48″ Rectified, Triple Surfaces.

White Triple

Sand Triple

Light Grey Triple

Dark Grey Triple

Triple is composed of 3 surfaces: Natural, Backface Natural and Chiselled Bush-Hammered.


3D Mesh Mosaic 12″x12″

Available in all colors.

Domino Mosaic 12″x12″

Available in all colors.

Product photography and samples are to be used as a general guide. Color as well as percentage, size and shape of markings will vary. Sizes are nominal, not actual.

Size Availability

24″x48″ Rectified

Bands 3″x24″ Rectified

Bricks 5″x10″

24”x48” Rectified10mmNatural/LappatoWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Backface 24”x48” Rectified**10mmNaturalWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Backface 12”x24” Rectified**10mmNaturalWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Bands 3”x24” Rectified10mmNaturalWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Brick 5”x10”9mmNaturalWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey

**The Backface structure has the long grooves produced by the calibrating roller on the underside of the stone; these geometrical marks provide an elegant, tasteful form of decoration.

Wall Tile Size Availability

Chiselled 12”x24” Rectified10mmBush-HammeredWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Triple 8”x48” Rectified10mmTriple Surfaces*White/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey

*Triple is composed of 3 surfaces: Natural, Backface Natural and Chiselled Bush-Hammered.

** Brick Medley combines of 14 different patterns/surfaces randomly.


3D Mesh Mosaic 12”x12”10mmNaturalWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Domino Mosaic 12”x12”10mmNaturalWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey

On fiber mesh backing.

Special Pieces

Bullnose 3″x24″ Rect.

Bullnose 2″x48″ Rect.

Stair Tread 12″x24″ Rect.

Stair Tread 13″x48″ Rect.

Step 13″x48″x1″x1″ Rect.

Corner Tile 13″x48″x1″x1″ Rect.

Cove Base 6″x12″

Cove Base Int. Corner 1″x6″

Cove Base Ext. Corner 1″x6″

Bullnose3”x24” Rectified-NaturalWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Bullnose2”x48” Rectified-NaturalWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Stair Tread12”x24” Rectified-NaturalWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Stair Tread13”x48” Rectified-NaturalWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Step13”x48”x1”x1” Rectified-NaturalWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Corner Tile DX/SX13”x48”x1”x1” Rectified-NaturalWhite/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Cove Base*6”x12”--White/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Cove Base Interior Corner1”x6”--White/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey
Cove Base Exterior Corner1”x6”--White/Sand/Light Grey/Dark Grey

*Cove base is available at a 500 piece minimum.


Dry Pressed Ceramic Tiles | ISO 13006: 2012 Annex G – UNI EN 14411: 2012 Annex G – Bla GL

Natural (R10)Backface - NaturalBrick - Natural (R10)Lappato
D.C.O.F.ANSI A 137.1-2012 (Section 9.6)≥ 0.42 Wet0.59 Wet0.50 Wet0.66 Wet0.40 Wet
Water AbsorptionASTM C373≤ 0.5%CompliantCompliantCompliantCompliant
Breaking StrengthASTM C648≥ 250 LBS700 LBS700 LBS700 LBS700 LBS
Breaking StrengthISO 10545-4S ≥ 1300N≥ 2000N≥ 1300N≥ 1300N≥ 2000N
Frost ResistanceASTM C1026Not RequiredUnaffectedUnaffectedUnaffectedUnaffected
Frost ResistanceISO 10545-12Pass According EN ISO 10545-1ResistantResistantResistantResistant
Chemical Resistance To high and low acid and basic concentrationsASTM C650Not RequiredResistantResistantResistantResistant
Chemical Resistance To high and low acid and basic concentrationsISO 10545-13Minimum Class BGA - GLAGA - GLAGA - GLAGA - GLA
Stain ResistanceCTI-T-81 DNot RequiredNo Evident VariationNo Evident VariationNo Evident VariationNo Evident Variation
Stain ResistanceISO 10545-14Min. Class 3Class 5Class 5Class 5Class 5

Shade Variation V3 (High)

Recycled Content 7.5%

Tile Format

Field Tiles, Wall Tiles, Decors, Special Pieces


Floor Tile, Wall Tile


Dark Grey, Light Grey, Sand, White

Tile Size

Brick 5″x10″, Stair Tread 13″x48″ Rectified, Triple 8″x48″ Rectified, Bands 3″x24″ Rectified, Cove Base Exterior Corner 1″x6″, Stair Tread 12″x24″ Rectified, Chiselled 12″x24″ Rectified, Backface 12″x24″ Rectified, Cove Base Interior Corner 1″x6″, Cove Base 6″x12″, Domino Mosaic 12″x12″, Backface 24″x48″ Rectified, Corner Tile DX/SX 13″x48″x1″x1″ Rectified, Bullnose 3″x24″ Rectified, Bullnose 2″x48″ Rectified, Step 13″x48″x1″x1″ Rectified, 3D Mesh Mosaic 12″x12″, 24″x48″ Rectified


-, Bush-Hammered, Medley Surfaces, Triple Surfaces, Natural, Lappato


9mm, 10mm


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