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Sienna Sands

SIENNA SANDS is available in 6 colors: Limestone White, Limestone Beige, Limestone Grey, Sand White, Sand Beige, and Sand Grey.
Available Sizes: 24″x48″ Rectified, 18″x36″ Rectified and 12″x24″ Rectified.
Available Finishes: Natural and Lappato.
Available Thickness: 10mm.
Available Decors: Mosaic, and Mosaic Spaccata.
Available Special Pieces: Bullnose, Step and Corner Tile DX/SX.
See available Inventory below, not all sizes and colors are in stock, Contact a sales representative for further information.

Sienna Sands Brochure

Availability: See product page for availability
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Limestone Visual.

Limestone White

Limestone White Nat 12x24 Rect

Limestone Beige

Limestone Beige Nat 12x24 Rect

Limestone Grey

Limestone Grey Nat 12x24 Rect

Sandstone Visual.

Sand White

Sand White Nat 12x24 Rect

Sand Beige

Sand Beige Nat 12x24 Rect

Sand Grey

Sand Grey Nat 12x24 Rect


Mosaic 12”x12” Rectified (4”x4” Pcs)

Limestone White Mosiac 4x4 Pieces

Limestone White Mosaic 12″x12″ (4″x4″ Pieces)

Limestone Grey 12″x12″ (4″x4″ Pieces)

Mosaic 12”x12” Rectified (1.25”x1.25” Pcs)

Limestone White Mosiac 2x2 Pieces

Limestone White Mosaic 12″x12″ (1.25″x1.25” Pieces)

Limestone Grey Mosiac 2x2 Pieces

Limestone Grey Mosaic 12″x12″ (1.25“x1.25” Pieces)

Sand Grey Mosiac 2x2 Pieces

Sand Grey Mosaic 12″x12″ (1.25“x1.25” Pieces)

Mosaic Spaccata 12”x12” Rectified (1”x1” Pieces)

Limestone White Mosiac Spaccata 1x1 Pieces

Limestone White Mosaic Spaccata 12″x12″ (1″x1″ Pieces)

Limestone Grey Mosiac Spaccata 1x1 Pieces

Limestone Grey Mosaic Spaccata 12″x12″ (1″x1″ Pieces)

Product photography and samples are to be used as a general guide. Color as well as percentage, size and shape of markings will vary. Sizes are nominal, not actual.

Size Availability

24″x48″ Rectified

18″x36″ Rectified

12″x24″ Rectified

24"×48" Rectified10mmNaturalLimestone White/Limestone Grey/Sand Grey
24"×48" Rectified10mmLappatoLimestone White/Limestone Beige/Limestone Grey/Sand White/Sand Beige/Sand Grey
18"×36" Rectified10mmNaturalLimestone White/Limestone Beige/Limestone Grey/Sand White/Sand Beige/Sand GreyLimestone White/Limestone Beige/Limestone Grey/Sand White/Sand Beige/Sand Grey
12"×24" Rectified10mmNaturalLimestone White/Limestone Grey/Sand GreyLimestone Grey/Sand Beige/Sand Grey


Mosaic 12"×12" Rectified (4"×4" Pieces)10mmNaturalLimestone White/Limestone Grey
Mosaic 12"×12" Rectified (1.25"×1.25" Pieces)10mmNaturalLimestone White/Limestone Grey/Sand Grey
10mmLappatoLimestone White/Limestone Grey
Mosaic Spaccata 12"×12" Rectified (1"×1" Pieces)10mmNaturalLimestone White/Limestone Grey

Special Pieces

Bullnose 3″x24″ Rectified

Step 13″x48″x1.5″x1.5″ Rectified

Corner Tile SX/DX 13″x13″x1.5″x1.5″ Rectified

Corner Tile SX/DX 13″x48″x1.5″x1.5″ Rectified

Bullnose3"×24" Rectified10mmNatural/LappatoLimestone White/Limestone Grey/Sand Grey
Step13"×48"×1.5"×1.5" Rectified10mmNatural/LappatoLimestone Grey/Sand Grey
Corner Tile DX/SX13"×13"×1.5"×1.5" Rectified10mmNatural/LappatoLimestone White/Limestone Grey/Sand Grey
13"×48"×1.5"×1.5" Rectified10mmNatural/LappatoLimestone Grey/Sand Grey


ISO 13006 : 2012 Annex G – UNI EN 14411 : 2012 Annex G – BIa GL

D.C.O.F.ANSI A 137.1-2012≥ 0.42 Wet0.77 Wet*0.41 Wet*
Water AbsorptionASTM C373≤ 0.5%CompliantCompliant
Resistance to StainsISO 10545-14Min. Class 3Class 5Class 5
Breaking StrengthISO 10545-4S ≥ 1300N≥ 2000N≥ 2000N
ISO 10545-4R ≥ 35N/mm^2≥ 50N/mm^2≥ 50N/mm^2

Shade Variation V3 (High)
Recycled Content 7.5% (12″x24″: 20%)


Floor Tile, Wall Tile


Domestic Inventory


Limestone Beige, Limestone Grey, Limestone White, Lustrato Verde and Azzurro, Sand Beige, Sand Grey, Sand White

Tile Size

Mosaic 12″x12″ Rectified (4″x4″ Pieces), Corner Tile DX/SX 13″x48″x1.5″x1.5″ Rectified, Bullnose 3″x24″ Rectified, Corner Tile DX/SX 13″x13″x1.5″x1.5″ Rectified, Step 13″x48″x1.5″x1.5″ Rectified, Mosaic Spaccata 12″x12″ (1″x1″ Pieces), Mosaic 12″x12″ Rectified (1.25″x1.25″ Pieces), 12″x24″ Rectified, 18″x36″ Rectified, 24″x48″ Rectified


Natural, Lappato




Mosaic, Decos, Glass


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