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Sassuolo Organic Cloth | ORGANIC GREY Natural 12x24 Rectified Scene 3

Sienna Organic Stone

SIENNA ORGANIC STONE is available in 4 colors: Organic BiancoOrganic CremaOrganic Grey and Organic Brown.
Available Sizes: 12″x24″ Rectified.
Available Finish: Natural.
Available Thickness: 9.5mm.
Available Special Pieces: Bullnose.

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Color Availability.

Organic Bianco

Sienna Organic Stone | Organic Bianco Natural 12x24 Rectified

Organic Crema

Sienna Organic Stone | Organic Crema Natural 12x24 Rectified

Organic Grey

Sienna Organic Stone | Organic Grey Natural 12x24 Rectified

Organic Brown

Sienna Organic Stone | Organic Brown Natural 12x24 Rectified


Sienna Organic Stone possesses unique consumer properties and high antibacterial activity.

  • The antibacterial property of Sienna Organic Stone is based upon the application of silver nano particles (3-10 nm) during the manufacturing process.

  • The product possesses a wide ranging antimicrobial effect. It resists bacteria as well as fungus, mold and viruses.

  • The product is completely non-toxic, has no odor and is long lasting.

  • Silver particles have the size of 3-10 nm, they have great surface area and this is the reason of high activity of the product.

  • These particles are injected into the glaze during the manufacturing process in a 1%-2% concentration. Additional applications can be done prior to firing of the tile.

  • The particles prevent the formation of microorganisms, bacteria and mold on the surface of the tile.

  • As the silver particles are part of the tile glaze they never wear.

  • The use of the silver particles has no effect on the appearance or other technical characteristics of the tile.

Product photography and samples are to be used as a general guide. Color as well as percentage, size and shape of markings will vary. Sizes are nominal, not actual.

Size Availability

12″x24″ Rectified

12”x24” Rectified9.5mmNaturalOrganic Bianco/Organic Crema/Organic Grey/Organic Brown

All Sizes are Nominal.

Special Pieces

Bullnose 4″x24″

Bullnose4"×24"-NaturalOrganic Bianco/Organic Crema/Organic Grey/Organic Brown


ANSI A137.1-2012 standards Porcelain tiles with low water absorption Class P1

D.C.O.F.ANSI A 137.1-2012 (Section 9.6) (BOT 3000)≥ 0.42 Wet0.45 Wet
Water AbsorptionASTM C373≤ 0.50%Compliant
Thermal ShockASTM C484PASSPASS
Resistance to Freeze/Taw CyclingASTM C1026AS REPORTEDNO DAMAGE
Visible Abrasion ResistanceASTM C1027-99AS REPORTEDIII - V
Chemical ResistanceASTM C650AS REPORTEDNot Affected
Stain ResistanceASTM C1378 | CTI-T-81 DAS REPORTEDNot Affected
Breaking StrengthASTM C648≥ 250 LBSCompliant
Frost Resistance ASTM C1026Not Required No Damage

Floor Tile, Wall Tile


Organic Bianco, Organic Brown, Organic Crema, Organic Grey

Tile Size

Bullnose 4″x24″, 12”x24” Rectified






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