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Sassuolo Sandstone | Floor GREY Natural 24x24 Rect + 12x24 Rect - Left Wall GREY 3D Muretto Natural 4x18 - Center Wall GREY Spazzolato 12x24 Rect Scene 23

Sassuolo Sandstone

SASSUOLO SANDSTONE is available in 5 colors: IvoryGrey, Silver, Brown and Charcoal.
Available Sizes (10mm Thickness): 48″x48″ Rectified30“x60” Rectified, 30″x30″ Rectified, 18″x36″ Rectified, 24″x24″ Rectified and 12″x24″ Rectified.
Available Sizes (20mm Thickness): 18″x36″ Rectified and 24″x24″ Rectified.
Available Finish: Natural, Brushed and Structured.
Available Thickness: 10mm and 20mm.
Available Decors: Mosaic, Hexagon, 3D Muretto and 3D Corner Muretto.
Available Special Pieces (10mm Thickness): Bullnose, Step, Step Corner and L-Shaped Piece.
Available Special Pieces (20mm Thickness): Step Tread, Step Tread Corner, External/Interior Corner Step Tread, L-Shaped Step Tread, L-Shaped Step Tread Corner, L-Shaped Piece, L-Shaped Curb, Coprimuretto and Riser with Shutter.
See available Inventory below, not all sizes and colors are in stock, Contact a sales representative for further information.

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