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Sassuolo Dimensional Surfaces

SASSUOLO DIMENSIONAL SURFACES is available in 2 colors: White and Deep Blue.
16″x32″ Rectified
Available Formats: PlainDiamondHexagonChevronDrop and Line.
Available Finish: Matte.
Available Thickness: 8.5mm.
Available Decors: Decor.

8″x8″ Non-Rectified
Available Formats: PlainFlowerDiagonal and Nature.
Available Finish: Matte.
Available Thickness: 9mm.

Profiles 0.8″x32″
Available Colors: Gold Rose + White, Bronze + White, Gold Rose + Deep BlueBronze + Deep BlueGold Rose and Bronze.

Sassuolo Dimensional Surfaces Brochure

Availability: See product page for availability
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White 16″x32″ Rectified.

White Body Wall Tiles

White Plain

White Diamond

White Hexagon

White Chevron

White Drop

White Line

Deep Blue 16″x32″ Rectified.

White Body Wall Tiles

Deep Blue Plain

Deep Blue Diamond

Deep Blue Hexagon

Deep Blue Chevron

Deep Blue Drop

Deep Blue Line

White Decor 16″x32″ Rectified.

White Body Wall Tiles

*Decor pieces have a glitter application on some of the surface.

White Diamond Decor

White Hexagon Decor

White Chevron Decor

White Drop Decor

White Line Decor

Size Availability - White Body Wall Tiles

16”x32” Rectified

Plain 16”x32” Rectified8.5mmMatteWhite/Deep Blue
Diamond 16”x32” Rectified8.5mmMatteWhite/Deep Blue
Hexagon 16”x32” Rectified8.5mmMatteWhite/Deep Blue
Chevron 16”x32” Rectified8.5mmMatteWhite/Deep Blue
Drop 16”x32” Rectified8.5mmMatteWhite/Deep Blue
Line 16”x32” Rectified8.5mmMatteWhite/Deep Blue

Decors - White Body Wall Tiles

Diamond Décor 16”x32” Rectified8.5mmMatteWhite
Hexagon Décor 16”x32” Rectified8.5mmMatteWhite
Chevron Decor 16”x32” Rectified8.5mmMatteWhite
Drop Décor 16”x32” Rectified8.5mmMatteWhite
Line Décor 16”x32” Rectified8.5mmMatteWhite

*Décor pieces have a glitter application on some of the surface.

White 8″x8″.

Fine Glazed Porcelain Stoneware

White Plain

White Flower

White Diagonal

White Nature

Deep Blue 8″x8″.

Fine Glazed Porcelain Stoneware

Deep Blue Plain

Deep Blue Flower

Deep Blue Diagonal

Deep Blue Nature

Size Availability - Fine Glazed Porcelain Stoneware

8”x8” Rectified

Plain 8”x8”9mmMatteWhite/Deep Blue
Flower 8”x8”9mmMatteWhite/Deep Blue
Diagonal 8”x8”9mmMatteWhite/Deep Blue
Nature 8”x8”9mmMatteWhite/Deep Blue


Gold Rose + White Profile

Bronze + White

Gold Rose + Deep Blue

Bronze + Deep Blue

Gold Rose



Profile 0.8”x32”--Gold Rose + White/Bronze + White/ Gold Rose + Deep Blue/Bronze + Deep Blue/Gold Rose*/Bronze*


Product photography and samples are to be used as a general guide. Color as well as percentage, size and shape of markings will vary. Sizes are nominal, not actual.


8"×8" Plain20×20301.223.905667.201338
8"×8" Diagonal/Nature/Flower20×20261.0420.725658.241160
16"×32" Plain/Drop/Line40×8051.624.544470.401080
16"×32" Chevron/Diamond/Hexagon40×8041.2822.724856.321000
Profile 0.8"×32"2×8050.084---

Shade Variation V1

16”x32” Rectified = White Body Wall Tiles
8”x8” Non-Rectified = Fine Glazed Porcelain Stoneware


Wall Tile


Bronze, Bronze + Deep Blue, Bronze + White, Deep Blue, Gold Rose, Gold Rose + Deep Blue, Gold Rose + White, White

Tile Size

Plain 16”x32” Rectified, Diamond 16”x32” Rectified, Hexagon 16”x32” Rectified, Chevron 16”x32” Rectified, Drop 16”x32” Rectified, Line 16”x32” Rectified, Plain 8”x8”, Flower 8”x8”, Diagonal 8”x8”, Nature 8”x8”, Diamond Décor 16”x32” Rectified, Hexagon Décor 16”x32” Rectified, Chevron Decor 16”x32” Rectified, Drop Décor 16”x32” Rectified, Line Décor 16”x32” Rectified, Profile 0.8”x32”




8.5mm, 9mm