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New York Mosaic Co. Urban Brick

NEW YORK MOSAIC COMPANY URBAN BRICK is available in 16 Colors: Vintage White, Loft GrayFaded BlackIndustrial MixGotham GrayTabor TaupeBeverly BlackBleecker BlueBurnett Beige,  Dekalb Gray,  Gunther GrayLawrence GraySeton Sage and Wythe White.
Available Visuals: Brick, Concrete, and Replay.
Available Size: 2.33″x9.5″.

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Brick 2.33″x9.5″.

Vintage White

Loft Gray

Faded Black

Industrial Mix

Concrete 2.33″x9.5″.

Gotham Gray

Tabor Taupe

Replay 2.33″x9.5″.

Dekalb Gray

Gunther Gray

Lawrence Gray

Seton Sage

Wythe White

Stroke 2.33″x9.5″.


Brick 2.33”x9.5”10mmClay BrickVintage White/Loft Gray/Faded Black/Industrial Mix
Concrete 2.33”x9.5”12mmClay BrickGotham Gray/Tabor Taupe
Replay 2.33”x9.5”12mmClay BrickBeverly Black/Bleecker Blue/Burnett Beige/Dekalb Gray/Gunther Gray/Lawrence Gray/Seton Sage/Wythe White
Stroke 2.33”x9.5”12mmMatteWhite
Stroke 2.33”x9.5”12mmPolishedWhite

Wall Tile.

* Due to the variance in installation methods, grout colors, lighting, image variances and computer monitor settings; the images above may not accurately represent the true color of the products after installation. Therefore we always recommend that tiles not be purchased from an image of any kind.


Beverly Black, Bleecker Blue, Burnett Beige, Dekalb Gray, Faded Black, Gotham Gray, Gunther Gray, Industrial Mix, Lawrence Gray, Loft Gray, Seton Sage, Tabor Taupe, Vintage White, White, Wythe White

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