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Cooperative Industrial

COOPERATIVE INDUSTRIAL is available in 4 colors: WhiteBeigeGrey, and Dark Grey.
Available Sizes: 48”x48” Rectified24”x48” Rectified30”x30” Rectified15”x30” RectifiedMultiple Sizes 15”x30” Rectified24”x24” Rectified and 12”x24” Rectified.
Available Thickness: 10mm.
Available Finish: Natural R9 and Bush-Hammered R11 (24″x24″ only).
Available Decors: Mosaic.
Available Special Pieces: BullnoseStair TreadStep, and L-Shaped Piece.

Cooperative Industrial Brochure

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Color Availability.




Dark Grey

Bush-Hammered R11.

Available in 24″x24″ 10mm only.


Mosaic 12”x12”

Available in all colors

Product photography and samples are to be used as a general guide. Color as well as percentage, size and shape of markings will vary. Sizes are nominal, not actual.

Size Availability

48”x48” Rectified

24”x48” Rectified

30”x30” Rectified

15”x30” Rectified

24”x24” Rectified

Multiple Sizes 15”x30” Rectified

12”x24” Rectified

48”x48” Rectified10mmNatural R9White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey
24”x48” Rectified10mmNatural R9White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey
30”x30” Rectified10mmNatural R9White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey
15”x30” Rectified10mmNatural R9White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey
Multiple Sizes 15”x30” Rectified*10mmNatural R9White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey
24”x24” Rectified10mmNatural R9/Bush-Hammered R11White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey
12”x24” Rectified10mmNatural R9White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey

*Multiple Sizes 15”x30” Rectified combines 3 loose tiles (7.5”x 30” Rectified, 2.5”x30” Rectified and 5”x30” Rectified), as one SKU.


Mosaic 12″x12″

Mosaic 12”x12”10mmNatural R9White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey

Special Pieces

Bullnose 2.4”x24”

Bullnose 2.4”x30”

Stair Tread 12.8”x24”

Step 12”x24” – 20mm

L-Shaped Piece 8”x24”x2” – 20mm

Step 12”x24”

Bullnose2.4”x24”10mmNatural R9White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey
Bullnose2.4”x30”10mmNatural R9White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey
Stair Tread12.8”x24”10mmNatural R9White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey
Step12”x24”20mmBush-Hammered R11White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey
L-Shaped Piece8”x24”x2”20mmBush-Hammered R11White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey
Step12”x24”10mmBush-Hammered R11White/Beige/Grey/Dark Grey


PORCELAIN STONEWARE – UNI EN 14411 (ISO 13006) – BIa (Appendix G)

Natural R9Bush-Hammered R11
Dimensions and AppearanceISO 10545-2Prospect G.1CompliantCompliant
Water AbsorptionISO 10545-3≤ 0.5%0.10%0.10%
Flexural ResistanceISO 10545-4Min. 35 N/mm^245 N/mm^245 N/mm^2
Deep Abrasion ResistanceISO 10545-6Max 175mm^3< 140mm^3< 140mm^3
Resistnace to Sudden Temperature ChangesISO 10545-9Available MethodResistantResistant
Frost Resistance ISO 10545-12Always TestedResistantResistant
Resistance to Household Chemicals and Swimming Pool CleanersISO 10545-13UGL min. UBUGL min. UBUGL min. UB
Resistance to Household Chemicals and Swimming Pool CleanersISO 10545-13GL min. GBGL min. GBGL min. GB
Resistance to Acids and Low Concentration AlkalisISO 10545-13UGL FROM ULA, ULB TO ULCUGL FROM ULA, ULB TO ULCUGL FROM ULA, ULB TO ULC
Resistance to Acids and Low Concentration AlkalisISO 10545-13GL FROM GLA, GLB TO GLCGL FROM GLA, GLB TO GLCGL FROM GLA, GLB TO GLC
Resistance to Acids and High Concentration AlkalisISO 10545-13Available on requestAvailable on requestAvailable on request
Stain ResistanceISO 10545-14Available MethodMin. 3Min. 3
Slip ValuesDIN 51130 (R)-R9R11
Slip ValuesDIN 51097 (A+B+C)-AA+B
D.C.O.F.ANSI A 137.1-2012 (BOT 3000)≥ 0.42 Wet≥ 0.42 Wet≥ 0.42 Wet

Full Body Porcelain Tile – Rectified, Monocaliber.

Shade Variation V2


Floor Tile, Wall Tile, Outdoor Tile


Beige, Dark Grey, Grey, White

Tile Size

L-Shaped Piece 8″x24″x2″, Bullnose 2.4″x24″, Stair Tread 12.8”x24”, Step 12″x24″, Bullnose 2.4″x30″, Multiple Sizes 15”x30” Rectified, Mosaic 12″x12″, 12″x24″ Rectified, 15″x30″ Rectified, 24″x48″ Rectified, 24″x24″ Rectified, 30″x30″ Rectified, 48″x48″ Rectified


10mm, 20mm, 2cm Pavers


Bush-Hammered R11, Natural R9


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