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October 2017 Product of the Month | Napoli Unique Stones

October 2017 Product of the Month | Napoli Unique Stones

October 2017 Product of the Month | Napoli Unique Stones

This new porcelain tile line has five classic marble colorations as well as a matching modern terrazzo look for each color.

Napoli Unique Stones. In-depth research into materials and visual effects to reproduce the sensations of precious quarry marble surfaces, bringing life to surfaces with great depth and luminosity. The digital decoration technology has successfully developed the typical colors and shading of the most classic marbles, reproducing their characteristic variability. Research, sophisticated taste and original design for this range of marble stones and terrazzo stones blend harmoniously together.



Napoli Unique Stones marble adds a refined elegance to any space and provides endless design possibilities. Artists and architects use marble to make a statement that will last an eternity. Give any space a timeless and elegant appeal. With this collection’s five color options, you’ll appreciate the versatility and uniqueness it offers. The rich veining of these five marble colors: Bianco Statuario, Bianco Gioia, Bianco Calacatta, Grigio Imperiale and Port Laurent provide an excellent artistic flair. A plethora or size options provide an extra level of versatility, offered in sizes from a 30″x60″ all the way to a 6″x6″ format.





Terrazzo brings design flexibility not available in other tile visuals. Whether you are looking for a modern look, or an artistic piece reminiscent of classic Italian culture, terrazzo is your canvas. Napoli Unique Stones offers five matching terrazzo looks for each marble color. These beautiful aesthetics work harmoniously with the marbles. We offer the terrazzo in two formats: 30″x60″ polished and 12″x24″ matte.






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