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November 2017 Product of the Month | Firenze Surfaces & Forms

November 2017 Product of the Month | Firenze Surfaces & Forms

November 2017 Product of the Month | Firenze Surfaces & Forms

A collection of porcelain tiles made in many fun shapes, sizes and various surface textures.. come explore them all

An innovative new look at ceramics.
Firenze Surfaces & Forms is a rich and ambitious project that multiplies sensory impressions. Sight and touch listen to a story that is based on colors and surfaces. Elements naturally combine with one another, breaking the boundaries of conventional classifications.
Shapes and materials entertain an intimate dialogue that, without much ado, define the style of every space.


Plaster. Matter. Canvas.

The surfaces Plaster, Matter and Canvas, which come in original natural colors, can all be combined with each other for installation in any type of environment, with extreme ease. Infinite combinations of colors, surfaces and formats for creating patterns that can be used as a continuous surface.


Soft structured surface, with a spatula texture where shiny streaks follow precisely the movement of the spatula. Suitable for elegant and contemporary settings.









Provides a grainy, opaque concrete effect, which is rough but can be easily cleaned. Suitable for any environment.








Gentle textures combined with delicate graphics. The relief of the linen texture is enhanced by the folds of the canvas in a play of shadows, enhancing its’ three-dimensionality. An original effect suitable for environments with a sophisticated and postmodern flavor.










Shapes come apart, colors and material break boundaries. Firenze Surfaces & Forms weaves together impressions.










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