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July 2016 Product of the Month: Sienna Brickwork

July 2016 Product of the Month: Sienna Brickwork

CTL Presents: Sienna Brickwork | July 2016

Available in any color on the Pantone® Scale… no minimum quantities…amazing detail.

Sienna Brickwork is available in 6 colors: White, Sand, Grey, Chestnut, Brown and Charcoal. All colors are available in the sizes: 2.5″x10″ and 5″x10″.

This line has the very special feature, the Paint decoration system. Paint allows you to choose any color from the Pantone® color scale. This system has been created to meet the demand for personalisation from architects and interior designers.

Click below to discover this offering..

Sienna Brickwork Body IMG

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