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New York Mosaic Co. Simple

NEW YORK MOSAIC COMPANY SIMPLE is available in 12 colors: White (Available in Matte and Glossy Finish), Vintage White Glossy, Custard Glossy, Mist Gray Glossy, Charcoal Glossy, Azure Glossy, Cobalt Glossy, Black Glossy, Key Lime Glossy, Plum GlossyTangerine Glossy and Sage Glossy.
Available Tile Formats: Hexagon 0.75″ Chip and Penny Rounds 0.75″ Chip.
Sheet Size: 12″x12″.


New York Mosaic Co. Simple Series Care and Maintenance

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White Matte Hexagons

White Glossy Hexagons

Vintage White Glossy Hexagons

Custard Glossy Hexagons

Mist Gray Glossy Hexagons

Charcoal Glossy Hexagons

Azure Glossy Hexagons

Cobalt Glossy Hexagons

Black Glossy Hexagons

Key Lime Glossy Hexagons

Plum Glossy Hexagons

Tangerine Glossy Hexagons

Sage Glossy Hexagons

Penny Rounds.

White Matte Penny Rounds

White Glossy Penny Rounds

Vintage White Glossy Penny Rounds

Custard Glossy Penny Rounds

Mist Gray Glossy Penny Rounds

Charcoal Glossy Penny Rounds

Azure Glossy Penny Rounds

Cobalt Glossy Penny Rounds

Black Glossy Penny Rounds

Key Lime Glossy Penny Rounds

Plum Glossy Penny Rounds

Tangerine Glossy Rounds

Sage Glossy Hexagons

Hexagon 0.75"12"×12"1 SQF6mm-17-
Penny Rounds 0.75"12"×12"1 SQF6mm-17

Technical Characteristics.

Test Basis:

GB/T4100-2006《dry pressed ceramic tiles(water absorption ≤0.5%)》

Test Result:

Accord with the high quality products demands of Standard GB/T4100-2006 after testing, this test is up to standard

No.Test ItemUnitStandard DemandsTest ResultDetermination
1Dimension toleranceLength (%)Unit Value: ±1.2-0.87~0.43Comply with Chinese Standard GB/T4100-2006
Length (%)Average Value: ±0.750~+0.44Comply with Chinese Standard GB/T4100-2006
mmthickness5.8~6.0Comply with Chinese Standard GB/T4100-2006
2Straightness (%)±0.75-0.17+0.09Comply with Chinese Standard GB/T4100-2006
3Rectangularity(%)±1.0-0.09~0.09Comply with Chinese Standard GB/T4100-2006
4Surface quality More than 95% no visible defects are found on the surface up to standardComply with Chinese Standard GB/T4100-2006
5Water absorption(%)average value ≤0.50.14Comply with Chinese Standard GB/T4100-2006
(%)unit value ≤0.60.13~0.16Comply with Chinese Standard GB/T4100-2006
6Crazing resistance No cracks appear after crazing resistance testup to standardComply with Chinese Standard GB/T4100-2006
7Freezing resistanceNo cracks or desquamate after testup to standardComply with Chinese Standard GB/T4100-2006
8Pollution resistanceNo below grade 3 after pollution resistance testgrade 5Comply with Chinese Standard GB/T4100-2006
9Chemical and salt resistanceNo below grade GB after testgrade GAComply with Chinese Standard GB/T4100-2006

White Matte, White Glossy, Vintage White Glossy, Custard Glossy, Mist Gray Glossy, Charcoal Glossy, Azure Glossy, Cobalt Glossy, Black Glossy, Key Lime Glossy, Plum Glossy, Tangerine Glossy, Sage Glossy


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