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Cooperative Waves

COOPERATIVE WAVES is available in 7 colors: White, Almond, Beige, Dove Grey, Grey, Beige Grey and Dark Grey.
Available Sizes: 5″x13″.
Available Formats: Wave and Flat.
Available Thickness: 7.8mm.
Available Finishes: Matte and Glossy.
Available Decors: FragranceGold MixSugar MixHeSheFlatlaceFlatstripe Mix and Flatscent Mix.

Color, format and finish availability varies from item to item. Please refer to sizing charts at the bottom of the page.

Cooperative Waves Brochure

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Availability: See product page for availability
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Wave 5″x13″ Glossy.

White Wave Glossy

Almond Wave Glossy

Beige Wave Glossy

Dove Grey Wave Glossy

Grey Wave Glossy

Beige Grey Wave Glossy

Dark Grey Wave Glossy

Wave 5″x13″ Matte.

White Wave Matte

Almond Wave Matte

Grey Wave Matte

Flat 5″x13″ Matte.

White Flat Matte

Almond Flat Matte

Grey Flat Matte


Fragrance 5”x13” Glossy.

White Fragrance Glossy

Almond Fragrance Glossy

Grey Fragrance Glossy

Gold Mix 5”x13” Glossy.

White Gold Mix Glossy

Almond Gold Mix Glossy

Grey Gold Mix Glossy

Sugar Mix 5”x13” Glossy.

Almond Sugar Mix Glossy

Grey Sugar Mix Glossy

He 5”x13” Glossy.

White He Glossy

She 5”x13” Glossy.

White She Glossy

Flatlace 5”x13” Matte.

White Flatlace Matte

Flatscent Mix 5”x13” Matte.

White Flatscent Mix Matte

Flatstripe Mix 5”x13” Matte.

Almond Flatstripe Mix Matte

Grey Flatstripe Mix Matte

Product photography and samples are to be used as a general guide. Color as well as percentage, size and shape of markings will vary. Sizes are nominal, not actual.

Size Availability


Wave 5”x13”7.8mmMatteWhite/Almond/Grey
7.8mmGlossyWhite/Almond/Beige/Dove Grey/Grey/Beige Grey/Dark Grey
Flat 5”x13”7.8mmMatteWhite/Almond/Grey


Fragrance 5”x13”9mmGlossyWhite/Almond/Grey
Gold Mix 5”x13”9mmGlossyWhite/Almond/Grey
Sugar Mix 5”x13”9mmGlossyAlmond/Grey
He 5”x13”7.8mmGlossyWhite
She 5”x13”7.8mmGlossyWhite
Flatlace 5”x13”7.8mmMatteWhite
Flatstripe Mix 5”x13”7.8mmMatteAlmond/Grey
Flatscent Mix 5”x13”7.8mmMatteWhite

Special Pieces

Liner 0.2″x13″ Matte

Liner 0.2″x13″ Glossy



Technology: FACING DOUBLE-FIRED ISO 13006 – G – BIII GL (E>10%) UNI EN 14411 – L.

Edge: Natural

Shade Variation: V1

Double-Fired Wall Tile


Wall Tile


Grey, Dark Grey, White, Dove Grey, Beige, Almond, Beige Grey

Tile Size

Liner 0.2″x13″, She 5″x13″, Sugar Mix 5″x13″, Wave 5″x13″, He 5″x13″, Gold Mix 5″x13″, Flatlace 5″x13″, Flatscent Mix 5″x13″, Flatstripe Mix 5″x13″, Fragrance 5″x13″, Flat 5″x13″


Matte, Glossy




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