August 2017 Product of the Month | Sienna Natural Wood

A fantastic new offering of shapes, sizes and patterns separates this wood look porcelain tile from the pack.

Sienna Natural Wood is exceptionally versatile and therefore the ideal choice for various taste categories, from the most classical to the trendy, and for the flawless construction of tailored design schemes.

Sienna Natural Wood offers six color options: Bianco, Rovere, Quercia, Grigio and Nero. This collection finds it inspiration from strikingly natural, beautiful, oak wood and compact vein patterns. Offered in plank formats, the sizes range from a staggering 10.5″x71″ format down to a more standard 8″x48″ format. Shapes are what truly makes this collection unique. Chevron patterns, hexagonal decors and 3D textures gives the opportunity to truly design a space like no other.

Another aspect that makes Sienna Natural Wood incredibly dynamic, is the availability of outdoor tiles. An Anti-Slip R11 texture is available for all colors in an 8″x48″ format. Additionally, there is a 2cm Outdoor paver option in 16″x48″, but availability varies. Be sure to check out the Sienna Natural Wood Web Page to fully visualize this collection!

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